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Do you need innovation advising, strategic communications, or both?

Corelini - We are an innovation & strategic communications agency

Do you need innovation advising, strategic communications, or both?

Embark on a transformative journey with Corelini, where innovation meets strategy. Our comprehensive range of services goes beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing digital transformation, business evolution, strategic communications, and social impact. Whether you're navigating the digital landscape, reshaping your business model, crafting compelling narratives, or making a meaningful societal impact, Corelini is your dedicated partner in unleashing the true potential of your brand.

Innovate with our digital and business transformation solutions, navigating the evolving landscape of the digital age. Elevate your brand with strategic communications that go beyond PR, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience. Engage in meaningful social impact initiatives, aligning your brand with purpose and positive change. Choose Corelini for a comprehensive journey of innovation and transformation that unlocks the full potential of your brand.

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    Our clients believe that creativity ignites innovation

    We partner with visionaries in the government, SMBs & startups, private enterprises, and public organizations that aspire to lead in their domains.

    Corelini PR - We Represent Tech Brands
    Corelini PR - We Represent Technology Brands


    Crafting Excellence Across Industries

    Unlock the power of innovation with Corelini as we redefine success in various sectors. From reshaping digital landscapes to revolutionizing business models, we bring our expertise to diverse industries such as entertainment, finance, education, consumer goods, sustainability, and more. Our comprehensive services span digital transformation, strategic communications, business evolution, and social impact, ensuring that your brand stands out, regardless of the industry landscape.

    Corelini PR - Our Expertise is B2B

    are Visionary.

    are Strategic.

    are Human-centric.

    are Innovative.

    are Connected.

    are Transformative.

    InnovateYour Brand,Make Impact.

    Corelini PR - We Offer Publicity for Technology Products
    Corelini PR - We Offer Publicity for Tech Products
    Corelini PR - We Showcase Disruptive Tech

    At Corelini, we are the architects of innovation and the storytellers of success. Our clients choose us to innovate their strategies, communicate their stories, and transform their futures.



    Innovate, Communicate, Transform:
    Your Vision, Our Expertise, One Partnership.

    Unleash Creative Excellence

    Embark on a journey of endless possibilities. Together, we transform your ideas into captivating experiences, defining the uniqueness of your brand. Whether it’s digital transformation, business strategy, or social impact, we’re your one-stop creative hub.

    Corelini PR - Become a Tech Star

    Crafting Strategic Connections

    Join forces to tell your story with precision. We’re your strategic communication partners, ensuring your message resonates, sparking meaningful connections across industries and audiences.

    Corelini PR - We Help You Become an Authority with Press Coverage

    Our Services



    Fuel your brand's success with Corelini's Strategic Communications. From compelling storytelling and impactful media production to dynamic photography, and media training, we offer a comprehensive suite. Elevate your brand through expertly managed public relations strategies, media relations, investor and corporate communications, and strategic brand partnerships. Step into the spotlight with a captivating and cohesive brand presence.



    Engage your audience with captivating stories crafted by Corelini's Content Creation services. From blogs and articles to whitepapers, social media content, and strategic storytelling, we ensure your brand's narratives resonate and leave a lasting impression.


    + IMAGE

    Define your brand identity with Corelini's Branding Excellence services. From brand style and voice to communication design, including visuals, graphics, logos, and presentation design, we ensure your brand stands out in a crowded market.



    Elevate your brand's presence with Corelini's Integrated Marketing solutions. We seamlessly blend advertising, public relations, social media, and strategic brand partnerships to create a harmonious and impactful marketing strategy. Our approach ensures a consistent and compelling brand message across various channels, maximizing your reach and engagement.



    Embark on a transformative digital journey with Corelini. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to elevate your brand's digital presence, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.



    Forge a path to success with Corelini's Business Transformation services. We optimize processes, implement go-to-market strategies, and navigate change seamlessly to redefine your business landscape for sustainable growth.



    Make a meaningful difference with Corelini's Social Impact services. From program design and development to sustainability initiatives, we collaborate to create a positive impact on society and help your brand become a force for change.



    Dive into innovation with Corelini's R&D services, spanning original and academic research, UX research, and human-centered design. From web and software development to mobile apps, we excel in crafting intuitive user experiences. Our research extends beyond digital products to traditional program research, ensuring strategic insights for impactful initiatives.


    At Corelini, we stand at the intersection of innovation and strategic communication, offering a holistic suite of services to elevate your brand and amplify your impact.

    Corelini PR - Tell Your Tech Brand Story
    Corelini PR - Assisting Tech Companies & Start-Ups

    From crafting captivating narratives to delivering cutting-edge solutions, our diverse expertise spans Digital Transformation, Business Transformation, Social Impact, Research & Development, Strategic Communications, and Content Creation.

    With combined team experience of more than 50 years, Corelini is your trusted partner for navigating the dynamic landscape of innovation and communications, propelling your brand to new heights.

    Corelini PR - 50 Years Combined Tech PR Experience

    Our Philosophy


    We have a New York, and global satellite office. Our remote team are distributed across various coasts throughout the USA and globally. As a boutique agency, we have the industry contacts, resources, and experience traditionally associated with a larger agency.


    Since we do not travel to an office, this means no commuting - which means no carbon emissions. We are a fully remote agency, therefore, we are able to pass the savings on to our clients. In addition, we offer high-quality services and get outstanding results due to our resourcefulness.


    Our senior account executives are seasoned experts and have experience in the strategic communications and innovation industry. We have adopted the human-centered design approach in our agency, and find agile solutions fast through testing & iteration. We use empathy to understand our client's needs and seek to build a long-term relationship. We act as an extension of our client's team.


    Corelini is a woman, veteran-owned business. Our culture respects and values all our talented hires. Uniqueness ignites creativity and innovation. We are an EOE regardless of race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, creed, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship status, marital status, disability, gender identity, gender expression, military or veteran status.

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    Strategic Excellence,
    Tailored Guidance for Your Success

    Explore a world of possibilities with Corelini, your partner in innovative solutions and strategic communications. Our range of services, from brand storytelling to impactful digital transformation, is designed to elevate your brand. Discover the endless potential for growth and success with Corelini by your side. Let’s embark on this journey together!

    Corelini PR - Providing Publicity to Tech Brands

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